About Us

Who We Are

The Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit collaborative that partners with agencies, organizations and individuals to improve the lives of children and families in Augusta-Richmond County. The collaborative represents business; government; education; health care, faith-based, social service and youth organizations; and private citizens.

What We Do

  • We match available social services with those who need them and provide services where none exist by addressing specific issues in the areas of
  •  child health
  •  child development
  •  school success
  •  family functioning
  •  family economic capacity
  •  We collect and analyze sociological data about children and families to develop interventional plans, to perform service gap analyses and to keep the community informed.
  •  We strategically coordinate services for children by securing resources for our partners.

The Future:

Our success is our partners’ success – we bring them together, they develop and implement the strategies. Our most important partners are the families whose children are being served.

Please join with us through financial support (tax deductible) and/or active participation to achieve our goal: All children will succeed in school and in life.